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Most Recent Articles

  • Hebrews Chapters 8-10: "We Have Been Sanctified" Through the Better Sacrifice, Part 3.5   By:   Karl Kemp
    I'm adding this six page section, "In the Typical New Testament pattern, When Does the Spirit Come Bringing the New Birth and Spiritual Resurrection in Relation to Water Baptism," to supplement the discussion of water baptism and receiving the Spirit that ended with the lengthy discussion of Titus 3:5-7 in the middle of Part 3 of this paper.
    In Category - Bible Studies
  • Hebrews Chapters 8-10: "We Have Been Sanctified" Through the Better Sacrifice, Part 3  By:   Karl Kemp
    After finishing the lengthy discussion under Titus 3:5-7, we come to Hebrews 8:8-10, where the writer begins to quote from Jeremiah 31:31-34. The words about God's laws being put on our hearts and minds, which are quoted in 8:10 and 10:16 are some of the most important words in Hebrews chapters 8-10, and in the entire epistle. Throughout Hebrews chapters 8-10 the writer emphasizes the point that the sin problem is solved through the new covenant in the blood of Christ and that we are called, enabled, and required to walk in the righteousness of God with the victory over sin (all sin).
    In Category - Bible Studies
  • The Nature Of Jesus (Part One)  By:   Curt Klingerman
    Grasping three positions that Jesus holds may help in your understanding of the Trinity.
    In Category - Bible Studies
  • A Plea to British Christians Not to Idolise the Queen  By:   Max Aplin
    It is common for British Christians to idolise the queen. However, all idolatry is a serious sin, and, in any case, the queen seems to have done a poor job of being the British head of state.
    In Category - Christianity
  • Hebrews Chapter 11 and Faith, Part 2  By:   Karl Kemp
    Hebrews 11:7-40 are discussed verse-by-verse here in Part 2. We can learn a lot about faith from these verses. I believe the two page discussion under Heb. 11:7 is quite important: Did Noah become "an heir of the righteousness which is according to faith," or "by" or "by means of" "the righteousness which is according to faith"?
    In Category - Bible Studies
  • Hebrews Chapters 11 and Faith, Part 1 (of 2 Parts)  By:   Karl Kemp
    We can learn a lot about faith from Hebrews chapter 11. For one thing, the word faith is used twenty-five times. Faith is an attitude of the heart where we put God first (and the things associated with God), which includes trusting Him, believing what He says, and obeying Him. This definition doesn't tell us all we need to know about the meaning of faith in the New Testament, but it is very helpful.
    In Category - Bible Studies
  • Do You Feel Like A Joseph?  By:   Curt Klingerman
    Do your circumstances feel out of step with God's promises? Think again, not everything is as it seems.
    In Category - Bible Studies
  • Christians Must Not Allow Differences in Non-Essential Matters to Hinder Unity  By:   Max Aplin
    There are some Christians who regard all believers outside their own denomination as no more than half-brothers and half-sisters in Christ. However, even when we are convinced that professing Christians are quite seriously mistaken about something, there are many times when it is nevertheless right to regard them as full brothers and sisters in Christ. In fact, there is no such thing as a half-brother or half-sister in Christ. If someone says they are a Christian, we should treat that person as a full brother or sister unless they do or say something intolerable, in which case we should treat them as a false brother or sister.
    In Category - Christianity
  • Anointing with Oil and Without  By:   Eugene Lopatynsky
    Read all in 3 minutes!
    In Category - Grace
  • The Comfort Of Habit  By:   Curt Klingerman
    People tend to form habits that bring comfort or pleasure. With that comes the unconscious response or reaction to specific situations.
    In Category - Bible Studies
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