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Our Christian authors have contributed a vast collection of free articles for you to enjoy or use on your own website. If you are a Christian author we would love to feature your articles within our database. Just click on the appropriate category to read our articles or sign up and submit your work.

Most Recent Articles

  • The Motivation of Love  By:   Curt Klingerman
    The motivation of love is the benefit of others. God demonstrated His love for us by humbling Himself. We likewise, need to humble ourselves if we are going to express His love to others.
    In Category - Bible Studies
  • Hebrews Chapters 8-10: "We Have Been Sanctified" Through the Better Sacrifice, Part 2  By:   Karl Kemp
    We continue with the listing (and discussion) of some key passages that demonstrate the heartbeat of the new covenant and the gigantic difference between the new covenant and the old covenant here: We are born again and called, enabled, required, and privileged to walk in the truth, righteousness, and holiness of God in the new covenant, along with total forgiveness. Under Titus 3:5-7 we discuss water baptism and baptism of the Spirit, etc.
    In Category - Bible Studies
  • Causality a evidence for God? THE UNCAUSED CAUSE AND THE SCIENCE OF CAUSALITY  By:   Eugene Lopatynsky
    If everything needs a cause and a beginning, then where did the first cause come from? Where did God come from? And when? Would not the first cause need another cause for itself? Causality, like truth itself, is superb evidence for God, never against our Creator. Enemies would have you believe the opposite. But In reality, causality does provide a totally ground shattering, beautiful, clear and fundamental account and solution to these questions. Take a look!
    In Category - Apologetics
  • FORGIVING: MUST WE FORGIVE EVERYBODY? Always? With or without the offender asking forgiveness?   By:   Eugene Lopatynsky
    How about Matthew 5:39: “ But I say unto you, that ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also”. Taken literally the passage appears to negate not only vengeance, but all defense against evildoers. What does our Lord require?
    In Category - Basic Bible
  • About Priorities  By:   Curt Klingerman
    People have time for their priorities. When God is not the First Priority, He gets our leftovers and we miss out.
    In Category - Bible Studies
  • About Your Talents  By:   Curt Klingerman
    Your talents do not make you special; they make you responsible.
    In Category - Bible Studies
  • Overweight? Tired? Anxiety? Unhappy? Suffering Chronic Debilitating Degenerative Diseases?   By:   Eugene Lopatynsky
    In England incidence of pathological obesity is 6%. In USA it’s 36%! Is all that a part of a massive fallout, an inevitable by-product, from POPULATION CONTAINMENT measures? How can you protect yourself and your family? PART TWO.
    In Category - Current Events
  • Ephesians 5:1-21; Be Imitators of God, Part 2  By:   Karl Kemp
    Here in Part 2 most of the discussion deals with the need for Christians to take seriously, very seriously, the warnings in Eph. 5:3-7 (and similar warnings throughout the New Testament) about those who had become true Christians not inheriting the kingdom of God, but rather His wrath. It isn't God's will for any true Christian to turn from God to live in sin, but the New Testament and church history show that it can, and does, take place.
    In Category - Bible Studies
  • The Sun and The Moon and God  By:   Anna Booher
    In this personal article, I examine the differences between my faith as a child and my faith as an adult. I touch on ritualistic behavior and turning to superstition rather than turning to God.
    In Category - Faith
  • Hebrews Chapters 8-10: "We Have Been Sanctified" Through the Better Sacrifice, Part 1 (of 10 Parts)  By:   Karl Kemp
    The writer of Hebrews includes forgiveness, but he puts the emphasis throughout these chapters on the fact that new-covenant believers are called, enabled, required and privileged to walk in the truth, righteousness, and holiness of God through the all-important Sacrifice of the Lamb of God. The old-covenant believers were forgiven for all of their sins that were not committed defiantly through the sacrificial offerings, but spiritual death and sin were not dethroned through that covenant. We discuss Heb. 8:1-7 here in Part 1.
    In Category - Bible Studies
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