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Welcome to Christian Articles

Our Christian authors have contributed a vast collection of free articles for you to enjoy or use on your own website. If you are a Christian author we would love to feature your articles within our database. Just click on the appropriate category to read our articles or sign up and submit your work.

Most Recent Articles

  • Every Christian Should Tell Others What They Have Seen God Do  By:   Max Aplin
    The theme of Christians telling others what they have seen God do is found frequently in Scripture. All of us should make a practice of telling others about our experiences of God. Christian testimony builds up fellow believers in the faith and can help lead people to Christ.
    In Category - Christianity
  • Working Against Faith And Hope  By:   Curt Klingerman
    Without realizing it, some believers actually work against faith and hope, and begin to live in unbelief.
    In Category - Bible Studies
  • Any conceivable sacrifice is worth it to find Jesus!  By:   Eugene Lopatynsky
    Every conceivable sacrifice is worth it to find Jesus! Men are not lost because they are sinners; they are lost because they have rejected Jesus who died for them. Even if you go into a lost eternity and have not accepted Christ, He died for you, and you simply made His sacrifice for you of no avail. You have trodden underfoot the blood of your Savior.
    In Category - Grace
  • Entitled?  By:   Curt Klingerman
    When a believer feels entitled to his desires or that somehow God owes him, he loses touch with gratitude, and in turn the importance of his relationship with God.
    In Category - Bible Studies
  • How to Stay Married  By:   Dan Blair
    Two of God's purposes for marriage found in the Bible are explored along with the research that pinpoints what makes marriages work and what leads to divorce.
    In Category - Relationships
  • Ephesians 5:1-21; Be Imitators of God, Part 4  By:   Karl Kemp
    The apostle Paul exhorts us to walk as wise people and redeem the time (to use our limited time for God and the things of God), since the days are evil, and to be filled with the Spirit on a continuous basis, which includes walking in, by, and after the Spirit on a continuous basis.
    In Category - Bible Studies
  • Is My Marriage Over?  By:   Dan Blair
    Causes of divorce are explored along with steps to recover your marriage and repair resentments and loss of interest in the marriage.
    In Category - Relationships
  • Christian Mindfulness  By:   Dan Blair
    Christian mindfulness is about incorporating the presence of God with awareness of self and others and how this changes one's experiences and reactions in life.
    In Category - Healing
  • Follow your Heart?  By:   Dan Blair
    When someone says to follow your heart, is that necessarily the wise thing to do? This article examines how God works through the heart.
    In Category - Grace
  • Emotions versus Actions  By:   Dan Blair
    Many sermons address how to get to right behavior; less address how to get to feel right. This article examines how leaving "feelings" behind can be damaging.
    In Category - Grace
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