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Our Christian authors have contributed a vast collection of free articles for you to enjoy or use on your own website. If you are a Christian author we would love to feature your articles within our database. Just click on the appropriate category to read our articles or sign up and submit your work.

Most Recent Articles

  • Purpose for the Storms: A Reason to keep Living When Everything is Going Wrong.  By:   Carmen Love
    Why Are All of These Terrible Things Happening? Am I being punished? Will this ever end? Many people ask themselves these questions many times, especially during the most turbulent times of their lives when things just donít make sense, when things appear to be growing worse, and when God feels distant and seems silent.
    In Category - Inspiration
  • ABUSE: Does Sharing My Personal Story Mean I Lack Forgiveness?   By:   Carmen Love
    There is no greater tragedy than being enslaved by our own thoughts, feelings, and carnal perceptions missing purpose for our lives due to the behaviors of others, and itís hard to maintain a loving status when we are infiltrated with anger, hate, bitterness, and deep regrets.
    In Category - Forgiveness
  • Loving Yourself (Part Three)  By:   Curt Klingerman
    When people seek and depend on other for affirmation, they are seeking their approval to love themselves.
    In Category - Bible Studies
  • Making Marriage Work  By:   Dan Blair
    Marriage and communication techniques may not work without one key element: unconditional love. This article explores how that works in marital relationships.
    In Category - Relationships
  • Loving Yourself (Part Two)  By:   Curt Klingerman
    Loving yourself begins with surrendering to God.
    In Category - Bible Studies
  • The Myth That Humanity Is Making Moral Progress  By:   Max Aplin
    There are many today who believe that human beings are progressing morally. However, those who take this view have failed to properly take account of recent history or what goes on in the world at the present time. Placing hope in the moral progress of humanity is an exercise in futility. All people are sinners under the power of sin, and repentance and faith in Jesus Christ are the only solution for this.
    In Category - Apologetics
  • Christian Liberties At Risk  By:   Karissa Freeman
    The Houston mayor, the first openly LGBT person in city office, is requiring all Houston pastors to turn over their sermons dealing with homosexuality, gender identity issues, or the mayor herself. Christianity is under attack yet again, but this time it's on our own turf.
    In Category - Current Events
  • Destined to Prevail  By:   Karissa Freeman
    Do you sometimes feel like you are "destined to fail?" Failure is a matter of perspective. Join me as we look at how God measures our success, as based on the Scriptures.
    In Category - Devotionals
  • Worse Than Ebola  By:   Karissa Freeman
    Ebola fears have gripped the United States. It seems that every time I turn on my T.V. or look at Facebook there is a breaking news story that yet another person is being quarantined with possible Ebola-like symptoms. Most recently the death rate has increased from 50 to 70%. Iím here to tell you that Ebola is not what we should fear. I know of a disease that has a 100% death rate and all of us already have it.
    In Category - Devotionals
  • SELF-LOVE IS SELFISHNESS?  By:   Eugene Lopatynsky
    At the psychiatristís office, the great man pronounces his modern gospel, ďWhat you need is more self-esteem! You need to love yourself! Doesnít your Bible tell you to love your fellow neighbor as yourself? If you donít love yourself, how much will you love your neighbor?Ē Sounds plausible. But is it true?
    In Category - Current Events
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