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  • Learning to Recognise the Attacks of Evil Spirits Is Very Important By:-Max Aplin
    According to the Bible, the normal Christian life involves being attacked by evil spirits, recognising those attacks and fighting them off. All too often, Christians misdiagnose demonic attacks as purely psychological experiences. Spiritual warfare should be taught as a basic part of Christian discipleship. In this article I look at some of the biblical data on combating evil spirits and give some of my own experiences.
  • What Is the Good News of the Christian Message? By:-Max Aplin
    At the heart of the Christian faith is a message of wonderfully good news to human beings. We have all insulted almighty God by committing sins, and in our natural state we are on track for everlasting punishment after death. But Jesus, the God-Man, died on the cross and rose again to make it possible for us to be forgiven. We receive this forgiveness by faith in Jesus. Genuine faith will always be accompanied by turning away from sins and by water baptism.
  • Often in Christianity It Is Not a Case of Either-Or but of Both-And By:-Max Aplin
    One problem that people often have when reading the Bible or considering Christian matters, is an inability to grasp that sometimes two things which at first sight appear contradictory are both in fact true. Once it is recognised that Christian truth and biblical revelation contain more tensions and paradoxes than we are used to in modern Western culture, some of the difficulties people find in the Christian faith or in the Bible can be resolved.
  • All Christians Are under Obligation to Help the Persecuted Church By:-Max Aplin
    There are many Christians today who are suffering severe persecution for their faith. They are part of our spiritual family, and when family members are in trouble the others must rally round to help. We are all under obligation to get involved in this way. We can help by praying, providing financial aid and pressurising politicians.
  • Developing your Spiritual Senses Ė Inner Vision By:-Joseph Ho
    Many Christians long to be in communion with God. Yet they have no idea how to seek and communicate with his great presence. Wisdom comes from God, and because of the protocol of Godís kingdom we could not enter into his presence
  • The Bible Speaks to Me By:-Joseph Ho
    In the beginning when I was a new Christian, I read the bible as if it was a book just like any other books which I used to read in the past. No one told me the bible could speak to me. No one introduce me to the bible as a spirit filled book that could speak to me literally. It took a while before the bible spoke to me, something like 2 years.
  • The Baptism of the Holy Spirit By:-Joseph Ho
    The true acceptance as sons and daughters of God is through the baptism of the Holy Spirit. This baptism can only come through Jesus, for he is the baptizer by fire. He is the one who baptizes those who are destined to be Godís children.
  • Godís Gift of Righteousness Ė The Narrow Way By:-Joseph Ho
    The righteousness that comes from God as a gift is not automatically ascribed to the one who receives Christ by saying the sinnerís prayers. The righteousness cannot be established by you; it has to be given by the Lord. Just by saying the sinnerís prayers does not come with a free gift of righteousness.
  • The Kingdom of God Ė In the Words of Jesus By:-Joseph Ho
    The bible makes it very clear that the way into the Kingdom of God is a narrow one and few finds it. The Gospel of Peace, which is the good news which Jesus spoke many times is about the Kingdom of God is at hand. He also carefully explained how to enter into the Kingdom of God.
  • The Tabernacle of Moses Ė Godís Pattern of Worship By:-Joseph Ho
    The tabernacle which God gave to Moses consisted of a tent-like structure. It was in the form of a mobile unit that could be moved from places to places whenever the Israelite moved according to the pillar of cloud and fire. The tent was divided into three distinct portions, the outer court, the Holy Place and the Holy of Holies.
  • Baptism of New Christian Converts Should Take Place Straight Away By:-Max Aplin
    Today there is often a long time interval between a person coming to Christian faith and being baptised, and frequently part of the reason for this is to allow time for people to arrange to be present to witness the baptism. In the Bible, however, we consistently find that new Christian converts are baptised as soon as they become believers, and Scripture seems not to support the idea that making a public declaration of Christian faith is a key part of what baptism is all about. We should follow the lead of the early church by baptising people as soon as they become believers. Baptism is more than a mere symbol.
  • Christianity Is All about Being Saved from Hell by the Cross of Christ By:-Max Aplin
    There are huge numbers of people who seem to think that Christianity is a religion that is essentially about treating people well, motivated in part by the fact that Jesus treated people well. Doing good to people is important, but this is only a small part of what the Christian faith is all about. In reality, the heart of Christianity is about being saved from hell by the cross of Jesus.
  • Christians Must Not Allow Differences in Non-Essential Matters to Hinder Unity By:-Max Aplin
    There are some Christians who regard all believers outside their own denomination as no more than half-brothers and half-sisters in Christ. However, even when we are convinced that professing Christians are quite seriously mistaken about something, there are many times when it is nevertheless right to regard them as full brothers and sisters in Christ. In fact, there is no such thing as a half-brother or half-sister in Christ. If someone says they are a Christian, we should treat that person as a full brother or sister unless they do or say something intolerable, in which case we should treat them as a false brother or sister.
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