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  • A Few Comments from a Christian Perspective on Race and Racism By:-Max Aplin
    This article includes comments on various aspects of race and racism from a Christian perspective, including a brief discussion of mixed-race marriages. As Christians we side with mainstream Western society as far as attitudes to racism are concerned, and we should let people know that.
  • Every Christian Should Be a World Christian By:-Max Aplin
    The early Christians took a lot of interest in their fellow believers throughout the known world. We too should be finding out about, praying for, and helping Christians the world over. We should also make ourselves aware of what is going on in world affairs more generally, especially so that we can pray in an informed way.
  • Western ‘Freedom’: A Major Idol among Christians Today By:-Max Aplin
    There is no doubt that the average Westerner is extremely proud of the ‘freedom’ that exists in Western countries. However, this type of freedom actually involves a worldview in which people rather than God are seen as the highest authority, and it is inevitable that in some areas Christian values will continue to deteriorate as long as the Western type of freedom is held in such high esteem. Sadly, many Christians bow down to this idol.
  • ‘Human Rights’: A Major Idol among Christians Today By:-Max Aplin
    The Western mindset is saturated with the concept of ‘human rights’. Even if these rights exist, their scope is far narrower than is usually realised, and they pale into insignificance in comparison with God’s rights. Christians should be open and unembarrassed about viewing the world as a place that is full of God’s rights rather than human rights.
  • The United States: A Major Idol among Christians Today By:-Max Aplin
    There are many Christians today who believe that the United States is a country that is unusually special to God. However, the American people are unrepentant of serious sins, including some that are not condoned in other countries. God reveals Himself in the Bible as someone who does not show partiality. Instead of viewing America as a country that has a special relationship with God, we should see it as one that is full of people who urgently need to repent of their sins.
  • Christians Need to Watch Out for Uncontrolled Zeal By:-Max Aplin
    Being zealous for something that God approves of is a good thing. However, sometimes zeal can get out of control and cause problems. This happens in various ways such as interpreting the Bible too literally, insisting on the strict inerrancy of the Bible, wrongly accusing people of trying to earn salvation, and rigidly holding to the letter of the Bible at the expense of its spirit.
  • Is It Ever OK to Be a Secret Christian? By:-Max Aplin
    There are some believers in Jesus, especially in Islamic countries, who practise the Christian faith secretly so as to avoid being persecuted or even killed for what they believe. However, the Bible teaches that Christians must be open about their faith, even if it costs them their lives or causes suffering for family members. Nevertheless, there are times when it is acceptable for persecuted Christians to alter what they do as a result of persecution.
  • We Are All under Obligation to Help the Persecuted Church By:-Max Aplin
    There are many Christians today who are suffering severe persecution for their faith. They are part of our spiritual family, and when family members are in trouble the others must rally round to help. We are all under obligation to get involved in this way. We can help by praying, providing financial aid and pressurising politicians.
  • Learning to Recognize the Attacks of Evil Spirits Is So Important By:-Max Aplin
    According to the Bible, the normal Christian life involves being attacked by evil spirits, recognizing those attacks and fighting them off. All too often Christians misdiagnose demonic attacks as purely psychological experiences. Spiritual warfare should be taught as a basic part of Christian discipleship.
  • THE DNA OF THE BODY OF CHRIST - PART 1 By:-Femi Omotoyinbo
    Since the fall of humanity, there has been constant perspiration to be in one with reality for existence was void of life and therefore vague. The gap between humanity and reality kept enlarging, engulfing lots and lots of souls until Christ [Agnus Dei] volunteered to bridge the gap. Christ through the Good News is yet calling people into the eternal genetic structure of God. This humanness of Jesus Christ is the first insight into His bodily image. “Bodily image of Christ” hereby stands as a standard commutation for the “Body of Christ.” Actually, it will be a misnomer if on a biologically view, a body will indeed be without genetic information, genetic codification or the DNA. It is by this DNA that all those who take part in the heavenly trait are recognized. There is a DNA passed from the Father to Jesus (the Son) while the genuine co-heirs inherit it from the Son. The admonition is now for the DNA to be maintained. But what is the DNA? [Please read the Part two for more.]
  • Christians Need to Put Everything to the Test By:-Max Aplin
    Scripture instructs us to put everything to the test. Christians today often fail to do this in three significant ways. Automatic approval is frequently given to things that are held in high esteem by the societies in which believers live. The teaching of Christian leaders is often not held up to scrutiny. And many Christians go through their entire lives without questioning anything of significance that they were taught by their parents. We should all get into the habit of testing everything to the best of our ability.
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