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  • THE DNA OF THE BODY OF CHRIST - PART 1 By:-Femi Omotoyinbo
    Since the fall of humanity, there has been constant perspiration to be in one with reality for existence was void of life and therefore vague. The gap between humanity and reality kept enlarging, engulfing lots and lots of souls until Christ [Agnus Dei] volunteered to bridge the gap. Christ through the Good News is yet calling people into the eternal genetic structure of God. This humanness of Jesus Christ is the first insight into His bodily image. “Bodily image of Christ” hereby stands as a standard commutation for the “Body of Christ.” Actually, it will be a misnomer if on a biologically view, a body will indeed be without genetic information, genetic codification or the DNA. It is by this DNA that all those who take part in the heavenly trait are recognized. There is a DNA passed from the Father to Jesus (the Son) while the genuine co-heirs inherit it from the Son. The admonition is now for the DNA to be maintained. But what is the DNA? [Please read the Part two for more.]
  • Laying on of Hands Is a Means, Not Just a Symbol By:-Max Aplin
    Some Christians believe that the laying on of hands is a mere symbol of something that takes place spiritually, and that if the hands were omitted, the spiritual event would always take place anyway. In fact, laying on hands is a means by which God does various things, and it makes sense to think that omitting the hands when God wants them to be used will sometimes mean that He does not do the thing that He wants to do. All churches should include the laying on of hands in their practice.
  • Every Christian Should Tell Others What They Have Seen God Do By:-Max Aplin
    The theme of Christians telling others what they have seen God do is found frequently in Scripture. All of us should make a practice of telling others about our experiences of God. Christian testimony builds up fellow believers in the faith and can help lead people to Christ.
  • Baptism in the Holy Spirit Is for New Christians By:-Max Aplin
    Baptism in the Holy Spirit is intended for Christians from the time that they are first born again. The idea, found in some Pentecostal circles, that a Christian should aspire to reach a level of spirituality where they are ready for baptism in the Spirit, is a mistake. If someone is a Christian, then he or she is ready for Spirit baptism.
  • For Christians to Say That There Is Only One True Faith Makes Perfect Sense By:-Max Aplin
    Christians are often accused of being narrow-minded and arrogant for claiming that there is only one true faith. However, the incarnation, crucifixion and resurrection are events of such enormous significance, that every religion which does not acknowledge them has completely missed the point of God’s interactions with the world. There can be only one true faith.
  • In the Early Church Was It Only Apostles Who Laid on Hands for Spirit Baptism? By:-Max Aplin
    There are Christians who argue in this way: In the early church, only apostles laid on hands for baptism in the Holy Spirit; because there are no apostles today, there is no longer any place for the laying on of hands for Spirit baptism. However, firstly, even if it were the case that only apostles laid on hands for Spirit baptism in the early church, we would still expect others to take over this practice once they were dead. And, secondly, there is in fact substantial evidence that in the early church non-apostles often laid on hands for Spirit baptism.
  • I am a Christian: Fact or Bluff? By:-Jenny Ann Cascante
    “I go to church every Sunday. I always pray, read bible, give offerings and sing Gospel songs. I love Jesus! Do I need to do anything just to prove that I am a true Christian?” Sometimes, this kind of line comes to our mind when our leaders in our church imparts to us that we need to do some activities that are different to the things we do usually in church. Like joining different ministries, undergo training, be present at cell group, do evangelism, etc.
  • Imitation as a Principle of Christian Conduct By:-Max Aplin
    Whether by imitating Jesus, God, biblical personalities, or Christians we know, or by one church imitating another, imitation should be a major principle in Christian conduct. Whenever we see things that are good, we should not just admire but always aim to follow suit. This is a very simple principle, but one that is so worth putting into practice.
  • The Will of the People: A Major Idol among Christians Today By:-Max Aplin
    It seems clear that the average Westerner regards the will of the majority of the people of a country as something that is very special. It seems clear too that many Christians take a similar view. However, the will of the majority is simply a mixture of good and bad, and no more profound than that. Democracy has a very good track record as a system of government, but it is a mistake always to press for its introduction in those countries where it does not exist.
  • A Few Comments from a Christian Perspective on Race and Racism By:-Max Aplin
    This article includes comments on various aspects of race and racism from a Christian perspective, including a brief discussion of mixed-race marriages. As Christians we side with mainstream Western society as far as attitudes to racism are concerned, and we should let people know that.
  • Every Christian Should Be a World Christian By:-Max Aplin
    The early Christians took a lot of interest in their fellow believers throughout the known world. We too should be finding out about, praying for, and helping Christians the world over. We should also make ourselves aware of what is going on in world affairs more generally, especially so that we can pray in an informed way.
  • Western ‘Freedom’: A Major Idol among Christians Today By:-Max Aplin
    There is no doubt that the average Westerner is extremely proud of the ‘freedom’ that exists in Western countries. However, this type of freedom actually involves a worldview in which people rather than God are seen as the highest authority, and it is inevitable that in some areas Christian values will continue to deteriorate as long as the Western type of freedom is held in such high esteem. Sadly, many Christians bow down to this idol.
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